Deckplans and Cabin Number Reference Lists

Revised March 1997

When the Queen Mary was converted to a floating hotel in 1967- 1970, all the cabin numbers were changed in favor of a new numbering system .These are refered to in these lists as the "new" numbers (!). The "old" cabin numbers refer to the numbers shown on these deckplans. These were the original cabin numbers used by Cunard.

The cross reference lists which now go with these deckplans have been worked out by Chris Blair of Canada whilst he was staying on board the ship. I have now toured these decks myself and checked the numbers, and they are as accurate as they can be without actually mapping each cabin, either use these, or download the black & white modern-day deckplans which have been sent in recently. Many thanks to those who worked so hard to compile these new plans from scratch; you know who you are.

There are some small cabins (marked blue on the deckplan) which have in some cases been incorporated into adjoining cabins. In many places though, they have been made into storerooms. Please let me know if you find that one of these small rooms is not part of a cabin today when I have said that it is, or indeed if you find that it is part of your cabin when Chris and I have marked it as a storeroom.

Areas in color were always First Class. Areas in black and white were either 2nd Class (at the stern of the ship) or were First Class and later (1963) converted to Third Class by the division of each room into three (cabins at the bow end of the ship). Today, they have been converted back to "First" again, but like most converted rooms on the ship, will probably be wallpapered, rather than veneered.

Big ship = big deck plans! These 24 bit color images are about 500k each in size. Click on a picture below to get the full size image. The big pictures should be detailed enough for you to read even the small print though.

1997 Plans

Black & White 1997 A B & M Deck plans

A Deck

A Deck cabin number cross-reference list to accompany this deckplan.

B Deck

B Deck cabin number cross-reference list to accompany this deckplan.

M Deck

M Deck cabin number cross-reference list to accompany this deckplan.

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