Explanation of Recommendations for D Deck

Click here to open our "as proposed" deckplan in a new window. It will then be available for quick reference with a single click during the reading of this article. You can also open deckplans of the ship as built and as she is now by clicking on the below links.

Deckplan as built
Deckplan as is in 2000

We see the forward two thirds of D deck serving as the new logistical support center of the Queen Mary. This permits the service and support functions to be consolidated under the hotel and catering decks removing the need to use R deck as a storage area, allowing all original dining rooms to be restored and used for revenue generating services. This in turn frees up the upper deck lounges for more appropriate (and better revenue generating) hotel, entertainment and attraction uses.

The forward areas of D deck, formerly crew quarters, continue to be used as archival and artifact storage areas.

Working Alley - A new working alley is created along the port side of the ship between the current forward service entrance and the existing Exhibit Hall. This is a crucial missing element in the logistical structure of the Queen Mary today that is the result of the conversion.

Option A - if the Exhibit Hall is retained on the ship, the new working service alley crosses to the starboard side forward of it and then continues aft along the starboard side. The starboard side amid-ship serves as storage and administrative space.

Option B if the Exhibit Hall functions are relocated to new facilities on property but off the ship, then the working alley continues along the port side from the forward service entrance directly to the exhibit hall service entrance. The upper two decks of the exhibit hall are available for use as: crew cafeteria, crew recreation lounge and locker room facilities; storage, administrative space. This requires no significant structural changes. The central portion of lowest level is integrated into the powertrain tour as a link between the recreated Boiler Room # 4 and the Aft Engine Room. The peripheries can be used for other purposes.

Service Elevators - a pair of high-speed service elevators are inserted into the starboard side of the first funnel shaft. These elevators service every deck from D to Sports deck. A pendant set is inserted into the starboard side of the aft engine shaft. They also serve every deck from D to Sports deck. This negates the need to use public guest elevators for service functions, as is the case today. The aft pair run through the galleys on R, and Sun Deck and connect them with cold storage areas relocated to D deck..

The current exhibit hall service entrance is used as the aft service entrance. With both Option A or B, the D deck directly area over the aft engine room become the aft logistical support area.

Current Aft Engine Room Museum Area is reconfigured as the principal hotel guest, Club Queen Mary member and Spa Queen Mary patron entrance. It can also be a hospitality entrance for Carnival Cruise passengers. Powertrain tours begin at the bow on R deck, move down an elevator shaft in the first cargo hold to G deck and exit the ship after walking its length through the lower deck just forward of the remaining propeller exhibit via the existing aftmost exit on D deck.

The Frame 70 second-class main staircase is restored down to current E deck as are both of the Frame 70 passenger elevators. The aft second class grand stairase and elevator are also restored from A deck to D deck.

Baggage Elevators are restored for use from R deck to current E deck. If the former baggage loading area is used as a service entrance, the baggage elevators move foodstuffs and other supplies down to D deck for storage and distribution as required via the new service elevators. This important logistical upgrade requires the removal of the rarely used and conversion created "Royal Theater."

The Gallery Theater a conversion creation is upgraded as a theater and presentation room with grandstand seating. It is available as a movie theater for hotel and club guest use.

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