Explanation of Recommendations for E Deck

Click here to open our "as proposed" deckplan in a new window. It will then be available for quick reference with a single click during the reading of this article. You can also open deckplans of the ship as built and as she is now by clicking on the below links.

Deckplan as built
Deckplan as is in 2000

Bow Area to Aft Engine Room – see the explanation of recommendations for G deck for a discussion of the re-use for a proposed of the powertrain and the lower decks.

The Wine Cellars – were located behind the aft engine room. This area is now an occasionally used exhibit space. We see an adaptation of the original wine cellars re-installed here. They would serve as: 1.) The primary wine cellars for the ship’s restaurants and dining rooms. 2.) A wine tasting amenity for hotel guests and Club Queen Mary members as part of the "ship within a ship" concept. (See our article for a full discussion of this concept.). 3.) The marketing focal point for a "Cellars of the Queen Mary" wine distribution enterprise.

Second Class Entrance Hall and Stairwell – this entrance hall with its staircase and elevators are restored down through C, D and finally to E deck. (The "frame 70" pairs of elevators remain in place, with one working, down to current E deck.) In this proposal the staircase is reconstructed to once again serve C, D and E decks.

Second Class Swimming Pool and Gymnasium – the pool, noted in textbooks on the history of Art Deco architecture, is re-installed as the centerpiece of an exclusive health spa for hotel guests and Club Queen Mary members. Its location at the back of the ship and adjacent to the proposed hotel and club entrance provides a perfect location for use, not interrupted by guided tours at any time.

The second class gymnasium, or an adaptation thereof, is re-installed as part of this spa complex.

Baggage Elevators and Baggage Storage Area – are restored for use from R deck to current E deck. If the former baggage loading area on R deck is used as a service entrance, the baggage elevators move foodstuffs and other supplies down to D deck for storage and distribution as required via the new service elevators. This important logistical upgrade requires the removal of the rarely used and conversion created "Royal Theater." The continuation down to current E deck provides access to the former passenger baggage storage area.

The Propeller Box Display – is retained for viewing as the final highlight of our a tour of the powertrain and lower decks- proposed Tour C.

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