Explanation of Recommendations for F Deck

Click here to open our "as proposed" deckplan in a new window. It will then be available for quick reference with a single click during the reading of this article. You can also open deckplans of the ship as built and as she is now by clicking on the below links.

Deckplan as built
Deckplan as is in 2000

Bow Area to Aft Engine Room see the explanation of recommendations for G deck for a discussion of the re-use for a proposed of the powertrain and the lower decks.

Spa Areas the areas adjacent to the basin of the pool, now offices, janitorial space and an archive area, are redeveloped as contemporary spa bath areas.

Propeller Shaft Area retained with restoration of equipment. This area is used on our proposed Tour C, of the powertrain and lower decks.

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