First (Cabin) Class Travel Bureau  

Opposite the main stairway on Main Deck was located what was called prewar the Cabin Class Travel Bureau.  (Cabin Class was renamed First Class after World War 2.)  Here passengers could purchase railway tickets and make hotel and even theater reservations for London and New York.


The front of the travel bureau as seen in a prewar photograph. [1]

History of Use

1936 – 1939 – we are unaware of any significant changes made to these facilities during this period.

 1940 – 1946  - the ship was used as a troop transport during this period.  The functions assigned during this period have yet to be researched and identified.

 1947 – 1967 – the area was restored to its prewar use.  The travel bureau was remodeled and enhanced with a more customer friendly interior décor.  Etched glasses panel windows replaced the elegant silvered bronze bas-reliefs on the entrance wall.

The front of the Travel Bureau after the post-war remodeling.

1968 – present – the forward bulkhead of the room was partially breached and the room was linked to the area forward of it.  The decorative map of the world was removed.  

1994 – the boundaries of the room were restored, the entrance to the forward room was closed and the decorative map was returned to its original location.  The furnishings (postwar) were also reassembled in this room.  It briefly once more served as a travel bureau for hotel guests.  Since this time the travel bureau business has closed and the room is used for administrative purposes.  It is on the path of a guided tour but the room is not normally shown to visitors.

Below - photos of the Travel Bureau today (2005) by Bridget Emery.

Restoration and Reuse Potential

This room retains much of its postwar décor.  The paneling and pamphlet racks need some restoration as do the fans, furnishings, the floor and ceiling.  Its use as a closed off to visitors and hotel guests administrative space highlights the need for an administrative center built off the ship to support both the ship and property. 

With the building of an adequate administrative center this room might be more fully restored and shown on the paid, guided tour of first class. (See Tour A.)

[1] This photo is mistakenly identified as the tourist class travel bureau in RMS Queen Mary, the world’s favorite liner by David Ellery.

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