Meeting Services

With a 365 room hotel aboard and others possible on the property, and with the ship’s extensive and legendary hospitality and banqueting capabilities restored, the Queen Mary property could be a significant conference center and house a major convention magnet in the City of Long Beach.

A good place to begin this development is with state of the art conference meeting rooms.

The best place to build for state of the art business meeting conference rooms is in new construction in the Queen’s Wharf Complex that we’ve recommended be built adjacent to the forward half of the Queen Mary.

We see:

The Queen’s Wharf Complex would house the business meetings and seminars associated with conferences and conventions. Hospitality and banqueting events would be held on the Queen Mary itself.


From Conference Center to Major Convention Hotel Facility

With most potential hotel sites in downtown Long Beach currently being developed as residential space instead of hotel space, the vast undeveloped Queen Mary property might be critical to the development of the next phase of convention business in Long Beach.

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