Alternative Visions

Creating a historically sensitive adaptive reuse plan for the Queen Mary.


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For the Queen Mary to succeed it needs to be completely clear what the Queen Mary is today. We believe that the Queen Mary should be operated as a great ocean liner in port. In this series of essays we translate our core assumption into an operational plan that affects all aspects of the ship's use. It is based on a heightened awareness of the historic and cultural value of the ship. The approach is very much rooted in business reality. We focus on three key service areas aboard the ship:

Hotel Services

Hospitality Services

Historic Attraction Services

 Hotel Services:

Hotel Queen Mary  - creating a ship within a ship for hotel guests and Club Queen Mary members.

Club Queen Marycreating a new social center for Long Beach.

 Hospitality Services:

Hospitality and Entertainment Center, using the ship's original lounges to create an unparalleled hospitality venue.


Banqueting Facility - using the original dining rooms for banqueting.  


Conference Meeting Services - creating a state of the art facility - off the ship. 


Wedding Chapel Services - relocating and upgrading the services. 



Historic Attraction Services:


Tours  - creating a tour program with integrity.




 Exhibits - What's missing today from the Queen Mary.

 Shipwreck  - Exploiting and accelerating the deterioration of the lower decks of the Queen Mary.

 Ghosts and Legends - The disaster that the movie "Titanic" helped create on the Queen Mary.

 Retail Operations - moving towards a museum-quality merchandise program.

 Restaurants - creating dining venues for visitors.

 Learning Center - making new use of an ignored area of the ship.    


 Background Information:

The Pike, the Port and the Queen Mary - The history of the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. This essay serves as an introduction to our recommendations for the operation.

 Logistical Logic and Property Planning - meeting the needs of the ship and property in the 21st century.   

The Public Service Role of the Queen Mary - fulfilling the public service role of the world-class cultural landmark.   

Benjamin Wistar Morris -- The American Architect of the Queen Mary


Business Plan:

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Revenue Assessment  an analysis of the revenue potential of the proposed Queen Mary Project.

Cost Assessment  an analysis of the costs of the proposed Queen Mary Project.

Marketing Plan  a marketing plan for the Queen Mary Project.

Staffing and Organization   -a staffing plan for the proposed Queen Mary Project.

Implementation Plan - the phases for implementation of the proposed Queen Mary Project

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