Banqueting Services

We recommend restoring all three original dining rooms on R deck for expanded and upgraded banqueting services aboard the Queen Mary. The banqueting experience on the Queen Mary would be truly unique, truly Queen Mary, and absolutely unrivaled for elegance, grandeur and quality in all of Southern California. The distinction between hospitality and banqueting services and the use of separate rooms for their presentation capitalizes on the Queen Mary's ocean liner design and heritage. It will completely set the Queen Mary facility apart from and above all others in the region.

A close look at the deck-plans for R Deck (below): as completed in 1936; as converted between 1968 – 1971; and as we propose it be restored will highlight the many business benefits of this initiative.


R Deck as it was originally designed and built

R Deck as it is today


R Deck as we recommend it be restored

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First Class Dining Room – Grand Salon and Windsor Room


The "Grand Salon" today.

This illustration by H. Davis Richter gives a good idea of the fine potential of this room. 

Two spaces were created from the first class dining room during the Long Beach conversion. Now called the Grand Salon and the Windsor Room, we propose to retain both. Combined the area could once again seat 800 in a single seating. The paneling, art, lighting fixtures and lighting scheme would be fully restored.

A rendering of the proposed corridor between the first and second class dining rooms, by Jeff Taylor

A rendering of the proposed corridor between the Third and First Class dining rooms.

Second Class Dining Room – Officers' Dining Room

The Second Class Dining Room as it might be restored - a rendering by Jeff Taylor.

We recommend fully restoring and enhancing this once beautiful room. Linked to the first class dining room by the restored corridor alongside the kitchens, it will can accommodate 400 people.

Third Class Dining Room

The Third Class Dining Room as it could be restored - a rendering by Jeff Taylor.

We recommend re-establishing this dining room, restoring the paneling and ceiling treatment and upgrading the floor treatment and furnishings for banqueting use seating 300 people with a more contemporary round table set-up.

Central Kitchens and Linkages

The Kitchens during the Queen Mary's sailing days

The central kitchens were last remodeled during the Long Beach conversion of 1968-1971. We recommend they be restored/remodeled for continuing use.

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