Passenger Accommodations and Working Areas

The names used for the three classes of passenger services were adjusted after World War II.  For purposes of uniformity we frequently refer to them as first, second and third class. 

Service Category



First Class

Cabin Class

First Class

Second Class

Tourist Class

Cabin Class

Third Class

Third Class

Tourist Class

Also after World War II C deck was renamed R deck  (for restaurant deck).  Each of the lower decks was adjusted accordingly a source of no little confusion to those studying deckplans from the various periods.  The newer designations are retained on the ship today.

 The Queen Mary's Lifeboats         The Tennis Courts The Funnels

First Class Amenities – called "Cabin" Class between 1936-1939

The Verandah Grill – recently partially restored for use as a banqueting room.

The Main Hall and Shopping Center

The Observation Bar – still used as a bar and lounge.

The First Class Smoking Room

The First Class Dining Room – used as a banqueting/meeting room. 

Staterooms and Suites on Main, A and B decks – used as hotel rooms since 1973 (pending)

The Travel Bureau – partially restored in 1994 (pending).

The First Class Main Lounge

The Long Gallery

The First Class Ballroom,

The Starboard Gallery and First Class Cinema

The First Class Gymnasium and Racquetball / Squash Court

The Passenger Radio Telephone Room

The First Class Drawing Room

The First Class Library

The First Class Children's Playroom

The First Class Music Studio

The First Class Swimming Pool and Turkish Baths

The First Class Lecture Room

The Enclosed Promenades

The Dog Kennels


Second Class Amenities (called "Tourist" Class from 1936-1939 and called "Cabin" Class from 1947-1967)

The Tourist (2nd) Class Main Lounge

The Tourist (2nd) Class Library and Writing Room

The Mermaid Bar

The Tourist (2nd) Class Entrance and Dining Room

The Second Class Children's Playroom

The Tourist (2nd) Class Swimming Pool and Gymnasium

The Tourist (2nd) Class Smoking Room


Third Class Amenities (called "Tourist" Class between 1947-1967)

The 3rd Class Public Rooms

The 3rd Class Dining Room - Updated Jan 2003

The Third Class Children's Playroom

The Synagogue


Other Areas

A Comparison of all three Children's Playrooms

The Wine Cellars

All Barber Shops and the Beauty Parlor

The Teak Decks (pending)

The Isolation Wards – recently restored as an attraction exhibit area.

The Lifeboats

The Deck Tennis Courts


Navigational, Engineering and Crew Areas

The Funnels and Whistles

The Wireless Installation

The Kitchens

The Deck Officers' Quarters

The Wheelhouse

The Crew Quarters in the bow of the ship

The Cargo Holds

The Working Alleyways

The Pig 'n' Whistle

The Power Train (Boiler and Engine Rooms), including the Aft Engine Room and Emergency Steering Station – attraction exhibit areas since 1971.

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